Why Russian Escorts Are Different in Every Way

Russian escorts

Any good escort service that offers travel companions will have a list of beautiful Russian models. They have something different about their personalities and lifestyle. Even when they are not escorts, they can be a great travel companion for anyone. They know how to enjoy their vacation while being a perfect soul mate to fulfil everything that you are looking for. Here are the reasons that make Russian escorts unique and desirable for any trip.


Russian escorts are exceptionally beautiful and stunning. They are a mix of eastern and western features which makes their beauty so diverse. High cheekbones, fair and soft skin, blue or green eyes are some of the features one can find commonly in Russian beauties. They also have natural hourglass figures which makes them even more desirable among men. Their physical appearance can work in more ways to attract men than the rest of their qualities.


Russian escorts are very much feminine as compared to western cultures where women have lost the touch of femininity with the rise of feminism. They still embrace their femininity as a great tool for attracting men. They still follow the old traditional female values and do not have any masculine traits. They like to be feminine while being sexy and desirable among men.

Outgoing nature

One of the reasons why Russian escorts can be a great travel companion is because of their open and outgoing nature. They can gel around with people easily and hold high values for affection and quality of love. They can be more genuine in taking care of their partners by being a good listener and a cuddler.


Russian models can also be very smart and rational with their way of living. When they are not partying, they can be reading books or be busy in painting or making music. They have a very creative side of exploring life which is a great plus for men who love beauty with brains.

Sexually open

Russian escorts can be very open about sexual pleasures. It is pretty common in Russia to be sexually hyperactive. They do not look at sex as a taboo and like to keep themselves fit to look sexually attractive to men. This will assure a satisfying sexual experience for any man who is looking for a travel companion.

Good communicators

Russian escorts are also good with communication and know how to make conversations interesting. They are open to meeting new people and develop a good connection in no time. Good communication is necessary between travel companions to keep the journey interesting, and the Russian escorts know how to do it right.


Russian women are also very choosy about looking good. They like to look attractive and only make the best choices for complementing their bodies. They enjoy wearing sexy outfits which contrast their figures and can carry out any outfit in style. They want to look classy and sophisticated and wearing skirts, and high heels is more of a hobby for them than a burden.